Senova Seating is committed to ensuring environmental and social responsibility at both our domestic and overseas operations. Our commitment is to exceed customer’s expectations and to fully comply with Federal, State and Local environmental regulations. We take care to ensure our vendor partners are equally committed, with specific commitments to recycling, reducing waste, and lowering carbon footprint.

Senova Seating is committed to extending the life of our products to reduce the need of our customers to purchase replacement products due to maintenance issues. This policy ensures that our products’ life span will exceed the original customer’s projected product life expectancy requirements and enables the products to be used in a secondary or “pre-owned” market, long after the original warranty has lapsed.

Taking into account both the design and production of our products, in collaboration with both customers and our vendors, Senova Seating strives to maximize the reclamation and recycling of materials, reduce pollution generated at the source, and use renewable materials when possible, all to minimize adverse impact on our environment.